How To Build Backlinks Using Your Email Signature
October 14, 2020
If you send a lot of emails every day, this could be ideal for you.
Linking to a recent blog post or another web page in your email signature is a great way to automatically send a link to your website to everyone that you send an email to.
This is not technically a backlink, but it is a link to your website, and if you send a lot of emails everyone that receives an email from you will see the link within your email signature.
I like this strategy, because, once it’s set up, it will work in the background.
It is also simple to set up and does not take much time.
Here’s an example of an email signature that I have built:
As you can see, I have added all of the normal email signature information, including name, social media, logo, etc.
Then at the bottom, I have added a button which says “Submit Your Review”, this button links to my Google My Business customer review form.
Of course, you can change this button to go to your blog, or a particular web page, that is up to you.
Every single email that I send will automatically have this email signature included, which will, of course, have the links to my website.
I built this email signature using the free email signature generator by Hubspot.
How To Generate An Email Signature
First head over to the email signature generator by Hubspot.
Un-check “Created With Hubspot”, to remove the link to the tool from the email signature.
Select a template that will suit your signature, I like template three.
Go to the Signature Details section, and then enter all of the details that you want to add to your email signature.
Go to the Signature Style section, to customise the colour of the elements within your signature, and then pick a font, and font size.
Next, click onto the last section, this is where you will add images to your signature, and create a custom call to action which we will use to create a link to our website.
Paste in the URL for your profile picture, and company logo.
Now we can create our call to action, this is the most important part of the process.
Enter the text that you want to have on the button.
Then enter the URL that you want to button to send users to.
Finally, select the colours for your CTA, you can pick button colour and text colour.
Look at the preview of the email signature, and then when you are happy click “Create Signature”.
Hubspot may ask you for some details to add you to their mail list, enter the required details, then click “Confirm & Submit”.
Once it has finished generating, you will be able to copy your email signature, so that you can add it to your email provider.
At the bottom of the page, you will see links to guides that show you how to add your email signature to each of the most popular email account providers.
Click “Copy Signature”, and then follow the relevant guide to add the signature to your email account.
I highly recommend doing this as it is professional to have an email signature and it is also a great way to help new people discover your website.
You now know how to generate a good looking email signature, and use it to link to your website.
The link within your signature will not improve domain authority but it will be seen by people who read your emails.
If you send emails to many people, this will advertise your site to new potential visitors, for free.
Did we miss anything?
Leave a comment below to let us know.
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