How To Earn Backlinks Using Quora In 5 Simple Steps
October 14, 2020
Quora is a website where people ask questions about all different topics.
Follow this simple guide to learn how to earn backlinks using Quora.
What you want to do is look for questions that people have asked in your niche, and simply answer them.
You want to try and give a detailed answer, and within your answer, you should link to a relevant blog post on your website to give them more information.
You can also add a sentence to the end of your answer explaining who you are and what you do along with a link to your site.
This is a very easy way to gain relevant backlinks, which will also be seen by people that view your answer.
So make sure you always give high-quality answers that show people that you know what you are talking about.
They might then go to your site to see your blog posts to see if you have any other relevant information that can help them out.
Why Use Quora?
There are many reasons why you should be using Quora for SEO.
Here are the three that are the most important:
  • Earn relevant backlinks
  • Receive more website traffic
  • Display your expertise in your niche
There are also many more benefits that using Quora will give you.
How To Earn Backlinks Using Quora:
Create an account on Quora
Go to and sign up for an account.
Find questions in your niche
Enter keywords relevant to your niche in the search bar, and look for questions that you can answer confidently.
Write an answer
Take some time to write an answer that will help the person who asked the question, and anyone else who reads your answer.
In my opinion, I suggest only answering questions that you can confidently answer, this way, you know what you are writing about.
Here is an example of an answer I have written:
My answer is not too in-depth, so it is easy to understand, but it also gives the reader the information that they need.
You should write an answer that is as comprehensive as mine, if not, more so!
I could have been a bit more detailed with this particular answer, but it is a good guideline.
Add a relevant link
Add a link to a relevant article, tool, or page on your website that will provide the reader with more information that will further answer their question.
If you paste a link into Quora, it will automatically turn into a hyperlink, of course, you can change the hyperlink text if you wish.
Repeat the process
Answer another question, and then another, giving high-quality answers to every question.
This will provide people with answers to their questions, and help you to receive backlinks and traffic to your website.
Remember, only post high-quality answers that are helpful and relevant to the question that you are answering.
If you waste people’s time and post spam, this technique will not work.
Set yourself a goal, for example, try to answer 3 questions on Quora per week (or more if you have enough time).
You should now be able to confidently earn backlinks using Quora.
The backlinks that you earn will display your content to Quora users, as well as build your website’s authority.
Doing this enough will improve your search engine rankings, and put more eyes on your brand.
Did we miss anything?
Leave a comment below to let us know.
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